Monday, May 26, 2008

Classic Black and White Darkroom Workshop with specialist printer and photographer Mike Crawford.

24-25 Juli hos Farris Fotoklubb i Larvik under sommertreffet 2008.

The two day workshops are aimed at presenting a wide approach to black and white printing. As the participants will have a variety of darkroom experience, the sessions can be adapted depending on their preferences.

Day one will concentrate on the importance of tonality and print balance which will initially include choice of contrast, Multigrade filtration, developer and paper choice, (fibre and resin), archival printing and processing. Further topics to be covered will be burning and dodging, split grade printing, flashing (for tonal effect and contrast control), diffusion and ‘dry down.’ Following a series of demonstrations, there will (hopefully) be time for participants to work on their own prints in the darkroom. At the end of the session we will look at the importance and methods of print and folio presentation.

Day two will consider more specialist techniques. The morning will be spent on lith printing, demonstrating the different possibilities this process can offer. The afternoon session will be on methods of toning, including sepia Thiocarbamide), selenium and blue as well as combining different toners to achieve split toning effects. Variable Thiocarbamide toning produces a broad array of sepia tones. As the chemicals will be mixed from stock, participants are encouraged to bring three containers, (500 ml to 1 litre), if they wish to make their own stock solutions to take home. Prints can be toned from the previous day’s session, or from existing prints provided by the participants.

To-dagers Workshop: 1700,- NOK (inklusiv materialer under workshopen)
Antall deltagere: maximum 10 personer

Påmeldingsfrist: 31. mai 2008

Påmelding til:

Ikke refunderbart depositum på kr. 1000,-
må betales 5 dager etter bekreftet påmelding.

Meget rimlig kost&losji hos Farris Fotoklubb.

Mike Crawford

A photographer and specialist printer working both traditionally and digitally and has printed for a wide variety of leading photographers and artists. He lives and works in London where his company Lighthouse Darkroom is based and has also held several exhibitions of his own photography. In addition he teaches regularly, writes for Black and White Photography magazine, (UK), and has had four technical photographic books published by Rotovision.

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